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stamped // survey

What is your name? Karine
Where do you live? Florida (Near Orlando)
Where were you born? California (Near LA)
How old are you? 14
When is your birthday? August 24
Are you male or female? Female.

What color is your hair? medium brown
What color are your eyes? hazel
What color skin do you have? tan (i guess?)
What kind of complexion do you have? pretty clear
How tall are you? 5'2" and a half
What kind of body do you have? thin
Are you happy with the way you look? yes

Getting ready.
Do you pluck your eyebrows? yes
Do you put makeup on just to leave the house? usually
Do you wear eyeliner? sometimes
Do you use an eyelash curler? no
Do you straighten or curl you hair? not usually, but sometimes my hair bends and looks stupid so i will straighten it sometimes
Do you try to look good at school? yes, i try always to look good.
Do you wear your hair up a lot? not really.
Do you take a purse with you every where you go? pretty much everywhere

Do you drink a soda every day? nope
Do you eat 3 meals a day? Yes
Do you eat with your family at the table at least once a day? yes, we always have a family dinner
Do you eat lots of snacks? kinda.
Do you go to the store just to pick up a snack your craving? no, i can't drive
Do you drink coffee? not at home

Your background.
Are you named after anyone? nope.
What's your moms name? Patricia/Pat
What's your dad's name? Gregory/Greg
Do you appreciate your parents enough? Yes, i love my parents
Do you keep in touch with relatives other than holidays? kinda. i e-mail my grandparents on my mom's side & my aunt. we also try to visit my dad's parents every month
Do you wish you had a different family? no.

The opposite sex.
How many relationships have you been in? 2 or 3
What’s a key characteristic in someone? they have to real. i don't like fake people
If you could be with anyone who would you be with? my great friend miguel

Have you ever broken someone's heart? yes, i think.
Have you ever had your heart broken? no
Have you ever regretted something? no, not really.
What/who do you miss the most? My friends in cali.
Is there anything you said you wish you could take back? no.
Is there anyone you know a lot about that you have never met? yes.
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