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Am I Fierce Enough?

Name: Amanda
Sex: Female
Age: 15
Orientation: Straight
Status [picture please]: Single
Taken? How long?: --
Birthday: October 7
Zodiac: Libra
Where from?: San Antonio, Texas
What is one thing you would change about yourself & why: I wouldn’t wear my heart on my sleeves. I’m overly emotional & I cry a lot. I get really pulled into stories, movies, etc. & that can be hard to explain when you’re bawling in public.
Write a short paragraph about yourself: I love Theatre, & I don’t know what I’d do with all my free time without it. Theatre isn’t just something I enjoy, it’s something I need. I laugh more than I cry, although the score is pretty close to even. I’m a nerd: I care about my grades because I want to do something with my life & that something involves me getting out of this state for college, meaning I NEED A SCHOLARSHIP! I also enjoy reading for pleasure, as well as dancing & singing.

Unique facts about yourself:
- I don’t believe in having a “best friend”
- I love playing with Play-Doh & I think that people who mix the colors are going to hell
- “Intense” is my favorite word
- I’m VERY easily entertained
- One of my current goals is to become amazing at DDR

Things that bother you:
- People that lead others on
- Getting phone calls after ten p.m.
- Texting
- People who base everything on appearances
- Onions

Some of your hobbies:
- Acting
- Dancing
- Trying to sing
- Reading
- Sleeping

What you're passionate about: Theatre! I love performing it & I want to make sure this art form stays alive. I definitely don’t want to see it die out.

What makes you different from other people? I don’t take things too seriously, & it takes a lot to offend me. & while I don’t like it, I will admit when I’ve been wrong.

A funny story: I was at a family reunion once, & I was going to ask my granddad something, when I realized he was humming something very loudly: it sounded much like the generic stripper song (Dun-na-na- na Dun-na Dun-na). Then he proceeded to climb on a table, take off his shirt & swing it around over his head. I’m not sure what provoked this, but it was quite frightening as a young child.

What do you think of edgeofvenus? You’re really pretty! & you have a unicorn eating marshmallows in your userinfo. How much cooler can you get?
Who is the hottest member? third3y3 There’s just something that struck me about her. && her teeth are GORGEOUS.
Who is the ugliest member? baladeur I don’t think you’re ugly really, your hair color just bothered me, it looked a little maroon on my screen.
Why should you be accepted? Everyone here seems really cool. I adore participating in the challenges in these communities & you guys seem to have some good ones! I need something to fill my days, because lately I’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing!
Will you remain active? I will definitely try my hardest. ( :

Color: Electric blue
Shoes: These black slip-on shoes with instruments for a band on them, from Target ( :
Store: Target
Food: Mexican Food
Candy: Twizzlers
Drink: Dr.Pepper
Animal: White Tigers

[1] Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
[2] Backstreet Boys
[3] Matchbook Romance
[4] The Dresden Dolls
[5] The Supremes

[1] The Little Lady Agency by Hestor Browne
[2] The Idiot Girls’ Adventure Club by Laurie Notaro
[3] Wicked by Gregory Maguire

[1] The Little Mermaid
[2] Duplex
[3] Monty Python & The Holy Grail

[1] Passions
[2] The New Adventures of Old Christine
[3] So You Think You Can Dance

This is a poem I wrote for English, Sorry it’s long, it had to be a personal narrative.
Dave The Hunk
My dad was pacing back and forth one night
Anxious about my first date
However, things went wrong right from the start
When Dave the hunk was late

Now, he wasn’t just five minutes late
Which would be completely acceptable
No, Dave arrived a whole three hours tardy
Which I found utterly imperceptible

I didn’t let it phase me though
And I scooted him quickly out the door
Before my father could recite “the talk”
Which would result with Dave on the floor

We rushed to his car
Which was he had deposited in the driveway
To my surprise he didn’t hold the door ajar for me
Which made me want to shout, “HEY!”

I maintained my cool though as we propelled along
Since we were heading to my favorite place to eat
Then Dave the hunk leaned over and whispered
That there were some of his buddies he wanted to meet

He further clarified that instead our planned place
We were moseying along to a sleazy burger joint
To see those friends afore mentioned
I wanted to scream by this point

But when I pivoted to tell him off
I gazed into those deep blue eyes of his
And I pardoned him for all the mistakes so far
Because one look at his dreamy face, caused my insides to start to fizz

We abruptly bobbed up at the home of greasy fries
And I began to feel ridiculous in my nice dress
We walked inside and the floor felt slick
I slipped in ketchup, making my outfit a mess

I gawked at Dave, waiting for assistance
But he peered down and laughed
My face flushed and I couldn’t speak
As I prayed for him to get struck by a Mosquito craft

I struggled to stand up with dignity
But it was rather hard to do after that situation
I whirled on my heel and left the place
Yearning to express my frustration

Now, Dave did at least one thing right
He quickly chased me outside
He catechized me to find out if I was okay
And of course, because of his eyes, I lied

I told him I was fine, but I was ready to leave
He agreed, but needed to go and talk to his friends
I sat in the car, and when he came out two hours later
I knew our relationship had reached its end.

For he came out not alone
But with another girl
I felt an awful churning inside
Like I was about hurl

Dave the hunk asked me to move to the back
And told the new girl I was his kid sister
As I sat in the back my anger grew
Until I finally burst out, “Nobody treats me like this, mister!”

I made him stop the car and I got out
I glared at him and finally closed the door with a slam
He didn’t even feel bad about how I felt
That our date was about as fun as a preliminary exam

I wandered around the sleazy neighborhood
And finally stumbled upon a payphone
I took several minutes to decide who to call
Then I decided my dad was the best to take me home

He hurried to the place where I was waiting
On the way home he asked me about the date
I didn’t want to give the details
So I explained, “You know, I feel rather faint.”

Nobody ever heard all the details of this night
When I went out with Dave the hunk
But all the girls understand when I warn them
That he’s a piece of junk!



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I recently got my hair cut. Sadly, my hair will not actually cooperate & do that flip-out thing on a regular basis. It’s very testy, my hair.

I love Pepé.

At a dance recital with my studio. This costume was for our dance to Kids In America. It was cool. I’m on the right.

This was at our Theatre Banquet this year. The theme was "A Night On Broadway", & I went as Frenchy from Grease, hence the pink hair & jacket. My date went as a pirate from Pirate Queen.

Me & my friend Connor. Again, taken at banquet, still with pink hair. & I'm on the right side again.

For the members page. ( :
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